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i really like the levels idea but you should add the infinity one where you just try and get a high score that was the best.

Needs a Update...

I like the game a lot but I hate when I’m playing on my phone and it buzzes constantly I want it to be quiet and maybe fix the gems?

Sound effects

Phenomenal game! But seriously every time I get a diamond my ears bleed and my entire body cringes. Personally I feel this feature needs to be fixed my ears can’t take this anymore. I come out of this app with excruciating headaches everyday. It almost makes me not want to collect diamonds. After that small fix this game would be perfect! Keep up the good work😘


I like the app and all but it’s verrryyyyy laggy like it always has ads popping up in the middle of a round. Which is so dumb maybe if splashy wasn’t always having ads it would make the game way better and stop being laggy, I feel it lags like that bc because the amount of ads the app sponsors. So please may you take some of the ads away (not all) but I would greatly appreciate it....thanks😐


I really liked this I was on my 2nd try and I got good at it so fast! This was awesome! They should make more games like this I don’t even know how you make these awesome games! 5 stars. I absolutely love this! One of the best games I ever played!


And e z 😁

This game good and all but..

1.u should have a easy,hard, and medium 2.for ever splat u get it should give u 5 coins 3.u should make it the farther u get,the harder it gets to get dimans Edit:I truly love this game but I think I would really love for u to change some of the thing i listed. From——


I love the game


Cause I am nice

Love this game

I love it it’s the best game I’ve ever played


I love this game so much thanks for making it


I in-joy it

Please write me back

Hello. I love the game


This game is awesome and I really enjoy it so much it lit up my day

It’s ok but...

To much adds But good

How good is this

It not so bad it’s ok


It’s the besttt and voodoo is awesome to

It’s okay

It’s an okay game but way too many ads.


I bought ad free but still have commercials.

It is okay

I personally think it is a little bland but a good game.


Ummm like I watched an add saying I would get a freaking free trip to Disneyland if I got to 200. Well guess what folks? I GOT TO 242. EXCUSE ME? WHERE IS MY FREE TRIP? What a scam....I can’t believe it. I’m so surprised a quality game like this would pull such a trick....very disappointed ugh. Time to go back to Minecraft...

It was fun until

I can’t even play endless mode anymore, it’s so boring just playing levels I liked it better when it was endless moade


I didn’t get my trip to Disneyland.

Weird “Vibrations”

This game is great and highly addictive, but the sounds and vibrations REALLY bother me. Even if I turn my volume all the way down I can still hear it. So yeah. It’s still really fun but would be better without annoying sounds.


The game very fun but the glitches is very frustrating please fix it soon

Best game ever

Omg I love this shit💕 best game ever💯 y’all should download it😊

Too many ads

The game is fun, but there are so many ads it’s hard to enjoy.


I love this game so much when I get bored I’m always play this game it’s so much fun make more games like that I will always love the people that made this game please please please make more version like this I will play them and show you guys support but first subscribe my YouTube channnle is call Zenex kid what’s your YouTube channel tell me right now your game trash

Fun but needs updated

I loved playing the game but it would glitch every time

This is awesome

I love this game it is my favorite

Very fun game to pass time but and just to have a lot of fun! Totally recommended!

Super duper fun


I like everything


I like this game but it’s a bit glitchy and its not only me, some people that i know have the same problem playing this game but overall the game is fun

Ads are still on after paying for it!

I paid for no ads and ads are popping up still!!

Ads are a problem

Great game, but so many ads it’s annoying and makes me not want to play it.


It skips or pauses when I’m playing and makes me lose.

This game is really fun!

I like this game it’s really good and easy!

Sometimes glitchy but very fun and addictive

It is very glitchy but other than that it’s a really good and addicting game

glitchy & ads

there are WAYY to many ads i almost can’t even play the game bc of it, i was about to delete this game bc of them! Also it glitches all the time while i’m playing so it messes me up and frustrates me a lot. get it fixed or i’m just gonna delete this game and not download any game u guys come out with stg


It's great it's that I wish it would not have spikes

It’s great!

It’s a great game, but somehow when i was playing, it switched itself to Level Mode and i was playing in Endless. Now i don’t know how to get back because there are only Level and Race. Can someone help me? Thanks. I really enjoy this game!


Do not download it is so Bad I don’t like the it at all!!


Definitely download this game one of my favorite games. Everything is fun about it. But it has a lot of adds so turn it on airplain mode

Love it!!

I love this game it is very fun! I play it at the bus before and after school!! My friends love it too!

Splashy is magnificent 😊

Pretty good, I get a little mad when I die tho. ☺️

False advertising

I can’t stand companies who lie to get people to download their game. You DO NOT get to go to Disney land if you get to 200. I obviously knew this beforehand but kids did not AND WAS VERY UPSET!

To glitchy

I love this game but it is so glitchy


Splashy is a fun, satisfying game. It is very colorful and triggering! (In a good way)!!!!;)


There is way to menu adds so if you don’t like adds I suggest you don’t get this app


This app is tho most glitchest game ever DO NOT GET THIS GAME NOT WORTH UR TIME !!!!!!

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