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Endless mode

It’s very addicting and fun but a problem I have is that “endless mode” has levels for me so it’s not really endless and it’s really disappointing. How’re you going to have a mode that is infinite in play time but make it not that? I’m confusion.

I don’t like it a lot

Like what is the point of this game bounce the ball in the circle that is kinda boring

Nice game

It’s very challenging I love a challenge

too many interruptions

too many ads in the game. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME!!


This game is so entertaining I will always play this game😃👍😁


I love this game it is so fun i love it

Nice game to poop with. Just wish there wasn’t long ads

I don’t mind ads but these are 25-30 second ones


How adorable this game is! I love all the little characters and how amazing this game is ❤️

This hard but fun game

This game is hard but also amazing to do when your bored get this game

My opinion

I love this game it is very challenging and is a fantastic game for competitive people.The only thing I don’t like is all the bugs and glitches even with the updates there still there.

I like it

It fun

It’s so addictive I’m not joking


Bad review

The game is to laggy for me


This is fun but at first it’s tricky I play all the time now.


This is a fun game. But on the challenges and the races it lags and glitches a lot. It’s really getting on my nerves. Hopefully you’ll learn to fix it soon

Great Game

Addicting! The challenge part of it is so much fun. Don’t touch the diamonds was my biggest challenge. It’s cool when practice makes an actual difference.


I like it because it’s so interesting and fun play this game you will like it faster than you can imagine

I don’t like it at all

It glitches so much ! I was at 188 and then it glitches and made me die and ads pop up randomly I can be in the middle of playing it and all of a sudden an ad pops up

Worst game ever

The game is horrible and don’t download it 😡🤬


Love the game but it starts glitching (much like other voodoo games, aka Hole.io) and it ruins the fun. Please fix!!! Very frustrating.

I love it

This app is the best game I ever played before I love it so much that I can’t stop paying it I love it😻😍😘❤️😍


I love this game it’s really fun to play


This is a fun game. But that’s it, it’s not amazing, but it’s not horrible. It gets boring here and there and it’s not that exiting. There should be levels besides the races. (Just a suggestion) But my real topic is the characters what’s the point of having cool characters with cool faces on the front side (which look amazing) but when you use them all you see is the boring back. There is no point of the front if your never gonna see it.

Overall experience

This game is ok. Few ideas and options that I would give to make this game a big success is that they’re WAY too many adds. Most people just want to get right to the game, but it takes a longer period of time because of the adds, so I would try to fix the amount there are. Secondly, it is very glitchy and skips around so that you would have to restart, so it would be better if it was a smooth game. But overall this game is a two star for me but it is enjoyable:)

Too many ads

I like this game but the ads really ruin it for me. While playing the game, this little box ad pops up on the side and it’s really annoying because it’s in my way and I sometimes can’t see where to go because of it. Just about every time you die you have to watch an ad. That will really keep me from playing this as much as I’d like to.

it’s an okay game

it’s a fun games but there is way too many ads!! it’s too sensitive and it’s hard for new people that play.

This game

Is fun

Download IT....😁😃

This game is kool my baby brother and sister plays it a lot

Love it

Started out wanting to throw my phone every time I lost but made it up to 224 and started loving it made friends play it 👍🏻👍🏻

Terrible and unoriginal

This game is covered with adds and when I get a second life you get no time to fix how you were the first life and it totally copied rolly sky


This game is awesome

AJS 11-👍🏼😂🦄

This game is absolutely the BEST!! I love all the characters you can change in to and also the tiles that you can change!! The levels are great!! They aren’t to hard but they aren’t to easy and thats why you just wanna play for ever!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!


This game is the the best game ever , it is frustrating for beginners , but when you keep playing its hard and interesting i love this game

5 Star review

This game is very fun and good for people of all ages. A little hard at fitter but you get the hang of it it’s good that it has a thing that keeps score because I can make myself goals. For example my best is 151 and i Wang to get at least 152 to beat it. If you like games that keep your best you get to have a lot fun on then the is the game for you. If you like this game you should also get the game hop. It is very similar.


A very addictive game


i love the game but the vibration is a bit annoying when you land on a platform.

Great but...


Splashy is awesome

Promise me!! Don’t play this at work!! It’s so addictive!!!


I love this game so much


Game is a lot of fun but ads every turn is ridiculous... especially when some are 30 seconds long with no way to exit. I’d rather pay for the game

The best game ever

This is the best game that I have ever played in my whole life and it is the best thing ever mad it is even better than food and that is saying a lot for my . This game is even better than PIZZA and I loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee PIZZA . To sum it all up this is the BEST game EVER created

Love it

I love this game it’s addictive


This game is awsome I play it almost ever day

This game is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is so fun!!!!!!!!!!

Mmmmm watchya saaa-aayyy ooommooo saaayyy

Mmmmm watchya saaa-aayyy ooommmooo saayyy ohhh oh ooh ooo

Love splashy

I really love splashy

It’s okay

It is very fun but the mode where you verse other gets very annoying and stressful, and every other time you lose an add pops up!

Way to many adds

This game is super fun but there is one problem. The problem is there are to many adds. An add comes on after every two plays and it’s really annoying. Think about playing a game that is mostly adds and the same adds to. People don’t like to just sit and watch a ton of adds. I already deleted one game for this and I’m about to delete this one!!!



Game rating by King Antwuan

I love the game. It’s addicting and it’s fun to play. It’s all about timing and patience I enjoy playing it. This game is a banger! ❤️

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