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Broken game

The ball keeps on disipearing after every ad! Needs a few updates and bug fixes!!

I love this game but it’s kind of hard but fun really fun

I love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh🤗

Amazing 😉

The is so fun you can’t stop 🛑

Fix this!!

I’m playing ortho mode and it’s impossible to beat half the time I aim perfectly in the middle of the platform and then die instantly without the ball even falling it just jumps and dies when I should have landed on the platform I was in the perfect stop could you please fix this!?

Thank you

Very much


It’s really glitchy for me and my friend


Too many ads


This game is good but fort nite is so much better

Rip off

Don’t play if you have an iPhone 10. The game took advantage of the fact that I was already staring at my phone while playing the game and something similar to purchasing an app in the App Store popped up, scanned my face, and made me pay 2.99 for “no ads” which didn’t even take away the ads.


This game is very fun and addicting. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy this game. I wish that there wouldn’t be so much ads that pop up and I also wish that they would have a tutorial for the beginners to the game. I am was a little confused when I first started. It is also a little too sensitive for my liking.


Fun game too many ads, makes the game lag

Ad galore

Another voodoo game with an ad every replay, how are these games rated so high? Ads have gotten so bad it’s not possible to actually enjoy voodoo games.


It’s so fun and addicting but I don’t like how it vibrates


It’s fun and amazing and u can set goals for if u get to maybe 12 then ur goal could be 20 it’s incredible


I don’t like that there are a lot of adds

I’m dead inside




Fun game but challenging

I love this game but it’s really hard!❤️


Time consuming

Awesome game

Don’t play at work almost got fired really awesome game!😬👍🏻👌🏻😃


Splashy is the best game I have ever played you should make more of these VERY FUN games ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


Really fun and easy just too many ads

So amazing love this game

Love this game so fun and cool


There are the bad updates and all that stuff !

Good but can be improved

This game is addicting however there’s too many ads and the upgrades literally don’t do anything


So many stupid ads



Its alright

The game was some what decent, but its very difficult to control the ball. The way it was moving and glitching made it hard to even get past the first 15 circles

The best game ever

I love splashy because its a great game and I think it’s a fun game for kids but it has a lot more levels!

I love this game

I love this game

One Amazing Game

I love this game because I like to collect money,balls ,and platforms it’s just really fun and even more fun and even more fun than even more fun.I like everything about this game.Thats why I love this game.

Love it

It's so cool and and fun love the cat the most so cute I love the beach and the first thing I see is the beach I just love it

Ok, but.......

First of all I don’t like the vibrating every time you jump. Second of all too many ads some kids want to play the game not delete Splashy and download another game. Third of all it was too glitchy and after I deleted it my phone was all glitched up.

Very good and fun for all ages

I love this game it is very fun and is very good for all ages. I play this game 24/7.


I really like this game. Can you come out with some more avatars and platforms?

First Time Plays

It Looks OK! That’s All I Can Say For A Beginner.


It’s so fun and I just got it

Way too many adds

Way too many ads every time you finish a 45 second game you have an add sometimes lasting 30 seconds. I hate it when games do this. Definitely not worth the $3 to remove adds.

Good game, too much lagging because too many ads

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the excessive amount of ads, I’d give this game 5 stars. I know you’ve gotta make your money somehow but it’s not worth it when you’re in the middle of the game and it freezes right when you’re about to surpass your highest score. What’s the point then?

Not Good

I think it isn't good because it vibrates every 2 seconds and it annoys me a lot. I really think the people that made this game are bad at coding. Don't get this app.



So amazing

I love the game so much

It’s alright.

Saw an ad for this app and it looked like fun, then it started glitching like crazy. Once that’s fixed, this would be fun!

This game is so fun!

I love this game! ❤️ it’s super addicting and I love all of the options! Get this game because if you don’t you’re totally missing out!

#TeamVoodoo-Uhh Few Suggestions

Ok, so I’m a kid. 🧒 I really like this game, and it’s addicting. But here are the suggestions. We could unlock balls, different backgrounds and pads, just like the other voodoo game, dune. Just keep making good games! -TEAM VOODOO! Woo!

The struggle is real

Ugh this has become a favorite. This game has sat me through many potty breaks, given me enough anger that should never underestimate any sized hemorrhoid, and helped me flip an entire extra large sized popcorn at the movie theater while sitting in the top row. Nonetheless, the trophies button doesn’t do anything or show anything and it seems impossible to get the entire B O N U S because there aren’t any sort of options to click on and the gems are pointless after upgrading so many times. I’m almost thinking of deleting the game unfortunately because there’s only so much repetitiveness that can be sat through without any sort of change before it gets old.


Every time an ad plays, the ball disappears. Have to completely restart the app constantly. Just deleted it because it’s not worth it. 👎🏻

The best game ever

Seriously, so easy and so relaxing. Love it


This game is so fun I love it so much


I love this game best game ever

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