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WAY too many adds

I love the game but their is an add after every single time you die. Sometimes you can’t even click out of the add without it taking you to the App Store. It would be much more enjoyable if the adds where only after a couple of times you die. (That didn’t make a lot of sense) What I’m trying to say is PUT LESS ADDS.

Great game, needs improvements

As per most of the comments on here, this game is great in theory, but could use some adjustments. For one, the diamonds do pretty much nothing. It would be great if you could add some options to help spur users on to earn more of them. Another thing: overall fixes of animation and more connection between the ball and fingers. I don’t know if it’s just me, but swiping along the bottom of the screen can get old pretty fast. Not to mention, a little high-energy music could do a world of good. I mean, I’ve gotten apps practically just because I enjoyed the music (cough, cough, Geometry Dash). Anyways, this game is great and I’ve had it for a little while now, but it’s obviously not perfect. There’s a little too many ads for my taste and small imperfections in the animation here and there. For lack of better words, some updates would definitely convince me to keep the app longer.

😍😍🤤I luhhh dis game

His game is so freaking addicting🤣🤪💛☠️💀💀💀💯


It's a relly good game can't stop playing it

Unplayable after update

When I first downloaded this, it was a fun stress free game to kinda occupy me. But then they updated it or whatever and added a spike to some of the platforms. now LITERALLY every time I bounce to a spike it slightly lags so even if I don’t hit it, I’ll die. And then I’ll have to watch 160 hours of ads to respawn. So instead of reducing my stress I have tripled it bc it’s very frustrating. Deleted since it is actually unplayable now


I love this game my cousin introduced me to it and I am obsessed with it now and I love the cute animals

Best game ever

I love this game so get it now it is addicting but I kinda like it that way also it is so cool

Best game

I think this is a very good game because you also have levels and it hard to stop playing I got the game today and I'm already on level 11 regular

If I could put zero stars, I would

Huge lag spikes made it unplayable and if you land right on the edge of a circle you're a goner

Good but weird skins

The game is awsome!! (Very time consuming and kinda addictive) but I personally don’t like very many of the skins, could you add some animal ones to use? That would be awsome! Thanks!

Control fixes

This game will will receive a 5 star when these two fixes are made. 1. Fix the control issue in which the player does not have to constantly re adjust their finger or thumb mid game. The intake model will start off center with your finger but will become offset while playing the game causing you to miss the perfect jumpers or entire platforms entirely. 2. While playing the game the in game frames slows down dramatically and will quickly speed up to catch back up. While both of these issues are playable, they can certainly be fixed to increase functionality.

Update was bad

This game was fun and addicting, was actually my favorite iOS game. This update ruined that. You changed the circle pads (the one that +1 your score) to “perfect” jumps, and that was a terrible choice. The challenges was a good update, gives you a better way to get gems but I don’t even like playing it anymore since you changed the circles. Smh

Top score?

Addicting game. Land on the white dots on the platform to increase score. My top is 12,627. Less advertisements would be cool. I just close out and re open the app to skip them.

So much fun

I absolutely love this game its soo addicting and I really love how you can complete new challenges and stuff. I 10/10 recommend. You also dont need wifi to play.

Sound off

Have been playing this for a while. For some reason my app doesn’t have the sound off button even though my bf’s app does. Couldn’t figure out why there’s this inconsistency as to both apps are up to date. Instead of sound, mine has a “redo” looking button on the main page that doesn’t do anything.

Best game ever

Roblox used to be my fav game but now this is! It is so addictive and right now my high score is 613! My fav Aunt her high score is 1,400!! BEST GAME EVER!!❤️


Hello, this game is really laggy maybe fix that please

Fix issues

I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I think it’s great. Highly addictive. Although after a recent update, the ball sits off-center of the platforms and it really throws me off. Please fix this issue ASAP!!


The ads are really annoying. No, I don’t want to pay $3 to skip them.

What the heck is happening????!!?

I love this game and it is very fun. However there is currently a glitch where the pedestal is off of its pole and off to the side and you can see the top of the pole. It makes it very frustrating to play and difficult to avoid obstacles. I hope that the company fixes it quickly. Please do something about it.


The whole point of paying to remove the Ads is SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO WATCH THE STUPID ADS!! I want my money back!

This is game so so so so much!

Hello. I am a kid! I play this game so much! I play it on and on and on u get it! :) (mostly cause it’s the only game I got) ummm anyways I love this game so much it is so much fun. One thing I think u should add........I’m not sure u have this but u should add like ummm challenge’s....! I love this game

Too many adverts

This game is fun but the ads every single time you restart is really annoying. I would play this game more if it wasn’t for that.


This game is sooo much fun and you will never get bored of it. splashy Awesome!

Glitchy and ad ridden app.

PROS -Fun game to play -addictive -challenges -upgrades makes the game look beau CONS -Asks to rate too many times -$2.99 for paid version (outrageous to remove ads) -ads make it unplayable, constantly lagging (unless i put it on airplane mode) -some platforms are messed up after the update (either being too high up where it covers the “perfects” or like the last platform, where it is shifted way off the actual hitbox) -sometimes the next platform is too far to reach with it swiped all the way to the left or right (iPhone 6) at about 1,000 points it is nearly impossible to do a double swipe to redirect it in the right area. LOTS OF THINGS TO WORK ON BEFORE I RATE HIGHER.


It is really fun And you have to think quick

Great game but ads are ridiculous

it’s a fun game and all but the ads are getting to be ridiculous. it’s like you can’t do anything in tho shame without getting a pop up ad and the ads are almost 50 secs long without skipping. it’s ridiculous.


I had to delete it because it glitches so much!!!!


this game has sooooooo much glitches🙄

Good but needs some improvement

This is a fun and addictive game but it glitches sometimes which makes me die instantly. Another thing is the ads, i get it, you need to have ads but there is an add after every other chance to play, it is just extremely annoying and redundant, besides that the game is good.


I am having problems with the placement of the platforms other than that it’s amazing


Other then the ads the game is very addicting and fun it seems after and before every time I play there is an ad fix that and I’ll give it a 5 star

This game is

Great it’s so relaxing


So this game don’t get me wrong is a great fame but some times it can be very frustrating


I love the game but the glitching is getting really annoying


The game is a fun way to just pas the time, however, since the update there are a few issues. 1. The game lags at times, so that can mess your streak up. 2. You can’t see the bonuses on the platforms as well as the spikes, so if you can’t see them, then you can’t avoid hitting a spike. Would rate higher if those glitches were fixed.

Suzan Salem

This game is the grat game is the best world

Addictive game. So fun! But one thing...

This game is really fun and addictive to play but the ads is just too much but besides that it’s really a good game. But I just don’t like it when the ads just keeps coming out of nowhere.

Great! BUT....

This game is great, that’s what I’ll start with. I think this game is really cool and I understand how to play and what the purpose is. This game is really simple and you just know how to play automatically. But Splashy is kinda annoying. Well to me at least. It just glitches a lot. Most of the time when I start again because I died, I’m kinda far and then for some reason it glitches and I die again! So I would play this game a lot if it didn’t glitch as much. Also the Damond’s don’t really have a purpose. But overall this is a good game.

This is a good game



Chill with the ads please. If you need the money that bad go ahead and make the app 0.99 the ads are making this game unenjoyable


LIIITTTTT!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 can’t stop playing tthhiissss

Splashy your game.

I absolutely love this game.

Best game ever

I love this game

Awesome game

I really like this game because it is fun and I have a really good best score!!


I can’t place it down

Great game but update is big problem

I have played this game for far too many hours. I love it but the update has caused the white spots on the platforms to disappear. So it looks like just a regular platform when you land on it but if you land in a spot where there is supposed to be a white spot, it will add points to your score. So I now cannot see where any of the white spots are on the platforms because they are invisible. Help.

Pure Enjoyment!

Love this game...would give 5 stars but too many ads. I know, you have to have ads..but so many?

I am severely disappointed

Not the same sounds in the GODDAMNED AD

Needs to be fixed

I love this game and find it very addicting, but there has been a glitch ever since the latest update, and the white circles that let you up your score have disappeared. If I happen to land where it would’ve been it still adds that points, but I can’t see them so I loose the bonuses quickly. Please fix this glitch!!

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